Awards and Mentions

Jury Prize for Best Short Film: “I’m afraid to forget your face”, by Sameh Alaa (Egypt)

Jury Special Mention to “Warsha”, by Dania Bdeir (Lebanon)

Best Feature Film Award: “Alcindo”, by Miguel Dores (Portugal)

Best Experimental Short Film Award: “The sound of noise”, by Paul Polze (Germany)

Best Animation, ex aequo: “Stone heart”, by Humberto Rodrigues (Brazil) and “The Black ReCat”, by Paolo Gaudio (Italy)

Youth Jury Prize to “Too Rough”, by Sean Lìonadh (United Kingdom)

Popular Jury Prize to “Giovanni e la bicicletta”, by Gianpaolo Pupillo (Italy)

GASP Association Special Mention to “Fiori”, by Kristian Xipolias (Italy)